• Style New Outfits

    Find out what is in your closet and put together a new look with our OutfitStyler™

  • Know What Is in Your Closet

    Stop flipping through hangers and keep track of what's where and what you have to wear

  • Try on Your Friends' Clothes

    Premium members can share their closets and check out and check in clothes

What It Is

OutfitStyler™ is a virtual closet where you can organize your clothes and create new outfits.

Manage Clothes in Your Closet

Track whether your clothes are loaned to a friend or ready to wear.

Style New Outfits

Test out new outfits and share with friends.

Expand Your Closet

Premium members can set up groups to view friends' closets and borrow clothes.

Save Time and Stay Organized

Skip the nothing-to-wear meltdown and plan your outfits ahead of time. Keep track of what goes well together and what new items you have.

Upload IMAGES of your clothes

Upload photos from your desktop or your phone or enter in a URL.

Save and categorize your items

Save your items by type, color family or a custom label.

Select your outfit and share!


Who Do We Work With?

Personal Stylists

Easily manage the closets of your clients. Add clothes and organize to set individual styles.

Fashion Retailers

Highlight your new collections with our interactive OutfitStyler™. Customers can have fun pairing your merchandise with items from their own closets.


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